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Thanks for coming to one of my workshops or presentations. Video is the tool of the future !!

According to UNRULY – “Enjoyment of video ads increase purchase intent by 97% and brand association by 139%”

CISCO predicts “Internet video traffic will be 69% of all global consumer internet traffic in 2017”

We cannot afford to miss it, and it takes time to create a library of content.

Below you’ll find examples of some of the ways video can be used to connect with future clients, re-connect and strengthen relationships with past clients, to help people understand your value, to help the understand their options…… it has no limit.
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At the bottom is a link to the workshop notes and the Secret Formula form to create powerful video.


Using video to help people understand how you can help buyers can be very powerful. It helps people learn about you – but it also can help them learn about parts of the process they didn’t realize existed.

Shot about 2011

Camera – Sony Cyber shot (my daughters) – No mic

Getting A New Neighbour
Tell people about the service you provide – the help that you give and the problems or challenges you help them over come. .

Shot about 2010

Camera – Sony Cyber shot (my daughters) – No mic

Use your video’s to share community information – help people learn about the many things about your area that locals recognize immediately. This type of video helps people discover reasons to live in your market and also identify you as a local expert. A great resource for their home search – someone they should have on their side.

These videos are so easy to find content for – sometimes you have to make a conscious effort just realize “there’s a video in this”

This is a great example of “ever green” content – shot in 2010 but the message is the same today.

Camera: Kodak Zi8 Pocket Video camera with external mic

The mic !! look close !! – it’s a $ 10.00 computer mic in an empty toilet paper roll and I cut a sponge to act as a wind sock. The sound was spectacular.

Video for sellers is a very special tool. Great for showcasing properties and great as a listing tool. The reality is that most members of the general public don’t appreciate the difference between a real video and a series of still photos that have been stitched together.

This home was listed in the middle of the a very harsh winter – I asked the sellers for any summer photos they had and then re shot then tried to re shoot the same picture with snow – the results were very pleasing to the sellers.

All in this took about an hour to shoot and about 30 minutes to edit.

Shot about 2014

Camera – Canon T3i – but any camera would have worked.

Sound is so important to creating the connection with the viewer. This property was exceptional outside – but a real fixer-upper on the inside. I wanted to bring people into the yard – help them experience being there. Every time I was out to the house the birds were singing – I wanted to capture that..

Shot about 2012

Camera – iPhone4

Mic: iRig mic hanging from the mono-pod set to capture a wide range of sounds.

A carefully crafted story will help the viewer learn about the process, discover something they didn’t know, see the help and value you bring to the table. Tell the story. Tell it so people can relate to it.

In this video the visual was something that would reinforce the “keeping on track” theme of the story.

This is a one shoot video – I had the script and story line memorized well enough to do it without a break. Notice how I try to make it conversational by making eye contact and then looking away from time to time – trying to make it as natural as I can.

Shooting while walking takes some practice – a little movement translate into a lot of movement on camera – it can be very dramatic – but also very distracting – you really need to have your message – the script sorted out and memorized before you start to shoot.

Shot about 2013

Camera – iPhone 4s with lav mic

Christmas is a time when people see friends and family and are in a giving, caring mood. What a great time to remind them what you do, and how you can help the people they care about. Use your video to tell a story – there’s a formula for this type of video as well . If your interested just drop me a line and send you a link to the method.

I do one of these every year – and they are magical

A video intro on your site is a powerful way to introduce yourself to the people who visit. it’s a one sided sales pitch you can structure to help people understand who you are, what you do and why they should have you help them. You can target a specific buyer or seller profile or you can keep it broad – you can do one for buyers – one for sellers.

Take the time to structure the language to send the exact message you want to send. Remember – you’re the only one talking – take your best shot..

This was shot along the water front – I knew the background I wanted and the time of day I needed to be there – I had to wait about a week for everything to be right.

Shot about 2010 – has been working eve since (re mastered for iOS

Camera – Sony Cyber shot (my daughters) – No mic you’ll hear a bit of wind noise

Imagine showcasing businesses in your community or neighbourhood
It’s good for you – but it’s good for them as well. It helps you establish
yourself as the neighbourhood expert – someone who is on the street
and also boosts the business – they’ll promote it to their clients and friends.


how to create powerful video to increase profits


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